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We are specialized in marketing the various qualities of CO₂ to make sure they get the best possible and sustainable application. Our flexible and pro-active way of working results in rapid decision-making so we can focus closely on our customers needs.

Where does CO₂ come from?

CO₂ is derived from a number of sources including combustion of carbonaceous fuels, fermentation, natural wells, and as a by-product of industrial processes such as ethylene oxide and bioethanol production and ammonia synthesis.

Embreg has a width network of suppliers and consumers of CO₂ and is always on the search to expand its European network.

What is CO₂

Carbon dioxide is the combination of two atoms of oxygen joined with a single atom of carbon. Its chemical formula CO₂ is almost as well-known as that of water, H₂O, and it is frequently referred to by its formula rather than its name.

In nature's chain of life, the mutual dependence of plant and animal life is maintained through the link of carbon dioxide. Every time we breathe we release this gas, which plants need for life. Through the process of photosynthesis, the plants separate the carbon from the oxygen. In turn, plants release the pure oxygen, which we need to survive. We reverse the process, and by combining the oxygen with carbon from the foods we eat, produce carbon dioxide again.

CO₂ is a colourless, inert gas approximately 1½ times heavier than air and 0.03% is present in the earth's atmosphere. It is odourless, has a sweet biting taste (soda water) and is highly stable (difficult to separate).

It is produced in varying amounts by the common process of combustion of fuels high in carbon content. The most common source of fuel for combustion is oil which, when mixed with the correct proportion of air, burns to produce around 15% CO₂ in the flue gases of a CO₂ plant. After combustion has taken place, the CO₂ can be separated from the flue gases and, through a simple process, made available for the many commercial purposes to which it can be applied.

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